Welcome to UB Media….

Each year, there are thousands of aspiring artists who venture through Sacramento and the surrounding areas who have the talent to be truly successful, but often don?t have the support they need to be heard. At UB Media, we want to change that by giving them an opportunity to be seen, heard and experienced.
That?s why we?re dedicated to helping them display their talents in our local neighborhoods and beyond. This allows us to help them grow and reach their full potential, while strengthen our own community businesses and artists.
Here are just of the few of the artists and avenues we?re looking to promote with our expansive platform:
? Local Singers
? Instrumental Artists
? Promoters
? Venues
? Local ?Movers and Shakers?
? And more!


We don?t just want to say we?re supporting local artists, we want to do something to help them get noticed. Each artist, venue or business that chooses to represent themselves on UB Media will receive a bio page where fans and supporters can get more in-depth knowledge on current happenings and events.
These bio pages can includes pictures, videos, music or even performance snippets to give people a chance to get to know you better. We?ll even we will link your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so fans can reach out to you on social media.
Venues will also have the opportunity to book artists, DJs, event decorators, photographers and more, making the potential for networking a very real and exciting prospect.

This is your chance to be more than just an aspiring artist, musician, or singer; it?s an opportunity to network with amazing venues, connect with your audience, and provide the community with an in-depth look at who you are and what you bring to our area.

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