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The band depends on the bassist. He has to link rhythm and harmony to create the feel or foundation of the music and propel the song along- that?s Brandon Kendricks. He’s a family man, married, a father and has a close relationship with his siblings. UB Media first met Brandon at the Sacramento Zoo last summer attending a Reggie Graham event. He?s poised and skilled. He?s personable, approachable and overall a genuine person. Brandon started playing on the keyboard when he was 5 then started playing the saxophone, guitar, bass and the drums by the time he was 13. He discovered that no one offered him any money to play the saxophone, they did however offer him money to play the guitar and bass. It was obvious to him to pursue that path. His love for astrology merged itself with his love for music and the Bible, and he applies it all in his music. “Before I got into music as an artist, I used to draw a lot and I was into astrology and numerology. Real heavy not just scratching the surface. So later when I was learning music theory it was based on the exact same science, the number 12. You have 12 notes, 12 months of the year, 7 days in a week, 7 notes in a scale and so I found all these correlations and I was not the only one that observed this. Later I even studied the Bible and I saw that same number. 12 tribes of Israel broken down by four different mothers and that was like four seasons of the 12 months.”, Brandon stated.
By the age of 14 and 15 he was playing in the local poetry clubs when the neo-soul groove was becoming popular in the mid 90?s with a group called Hard Head Committee. Reggie Graham was a mentor for him at the age 18 while he attended Sac City College. “He got me real hip at 18 and I was in his jazz band. He encouraged me to step my literacy up so that is was good to have in my life and not be going off the cuff all the time. Have some type of discipline.” Brandon never had any goals to be a musician. He rose early and had a regular job. Music was just for fun. Six years ago he began playing more professional and is actually a guitar player but plays more gigs with the bass.

To Brandon?s credit he?s played for cover bands since 2010. Bass for Solsa, Loco-Motion, Sounds of Santana. Guitar for Billboards, Radio and Sankofa with Anthony Coleman he?s also opened for Kem, Wale, Musiq Soulchild, The Whispers, Fantasia, H-Town, Vivian Greene, Zapp, Dwele. Collaborated with the following big name artists: Adina Howard, A Lighter Shade of Brown, Brian Morgan, James DeBarge, The Delfonics, Raphael Saadiq, Jeff Clayton, Surface, Bobby Brown, (Pictured right)

Crystal Aikin, Dietrich Haddon, and Cynthia Robinson. Collaborated with some good Sacramento friends and producers such as Mark Noxx, Adrian Steel, and Damani Rhodes. Currently working on projects with The Damani Rhodes Trio and the Reggie Graham Trio.
Brandon’s deep. He doesn’t think he is, but he is. You can tell because every note Brandon plays is deliberate. He’s thinking color, space, and time.

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  1. He is for real and has the talent to be the best! You can’t go wrong with Brandon in your band.
    DJ Mike

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