DJ Leo “The Lion” Brown

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Phone number: 408 ? 830-6015
To send your music for airplay email: Leothelionmusic@
Twitter: #lioncub2
Instagram: DJ Leo The Lion
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“Whatever you do for Christ will last. Be humble and do not think more of yourself than you are”. Leo “The Lion” Brown

Leo has no preference in the music that he DJs, except he does not DJ Country and Western Music. He’s very familiar with R&B, hip-hop, that old school sound and the current formats of today’s music. “You can pretty much use all music that is in existence to do what you’re trying to do”. That’s why I don’t limit myself as a DJ. When I play music or DJ party because people are so diverse culturally, music can be played from anywhere possible”. Leo’s style of music can accommodate any party or social gathering. He plays Indian music, Bollywood, Latino, Salsa, Reggae and any other kind of music once he has taken the “temperature” of the people at the event.
He’s open to traveling as a DJ even eager to do some music and shows here in Sacramento. If they need him in Vegas, he goes to Vegas, if they need him and London he will board a flight and go to London. Wherever a promoter needs him he would be there. “My job is to make people feel good, let them get up and dance while they’re out socializing and I love just dealing with people.” Even though he considers himself more of a radio DJ he still feels the enjoyment of DJ and for private parties and weddings, etc. He has the International experience of DJ in Singapore, Philippines, and Hawaii. Being a Navy man, he would make all his connections while in port. He always made it his business to find the party spots where everybody goes and secured himself a spot for future gigs.

Leo a transplant from the East Coast, New Jersey to be exact, currently resides in Livermore California with his wife, Mewzette of 16 years. He is the father of three children and for the past 20 years or so , considers California his home. If you listen to him closely you can hear his New Jersey accent which has changed over the course of time being on the West Coast but he is an East Coast Cat through and through. A Navy man and he’s big on family and loves being in the setting of music, movies, baseball games anything social. He is a lover of all good music and anything associated with it. He started his DJ career early playing around on turntables and getting a feel for the music. “Back in those days, 1979, we handled vinyl, eight tracks, and cassettes”. By the time he was in high school back in 1982 through 1986 that’s when he really began taking to the DJ scene. He began to take more notice of the DJs on the radio which are still some of his mentors till this day. In New York there are a host of DJs on the radio during the midnight late-night hours. “That was the time of the night and the era when music was fresh. It had more substance and it had a lot more “party” to it”, said Leo reminiscing. “It wasn’t a time in music when they weren’t cursing and being derogatory toward women. That’s when it was fresh and exciting. The sound had changed because it was the 80s, and the artists were new on the scene. They thought it was a fad and that sound wasn’t going to stay around for long but as you can see it is still around”, Leo said laughing.

Being on the DJ side of music, Leo “The Lion”, feels it’s very important for the artists in any capacity to be unified. The last several years his focus has been on the “Underground” or “Unsigned” and independent artists because of the fact that so much great music being put out by them they can’t be heard because of the saturation of mainstream music is being flooded on the mainstream radio that there is no room for them.”That’s where the Internet radio and streaming radio comes into play for them. This is where DJs are able to open up their playlists so that artists that have good music and good content can be heard.

  • Leo is also Station Manager, Radio Personality, and DJ at FONYE Radio (Flying Over New York Entertainment Radio). Owned by Adam Smith professionally known as Cool DJ A.D. since 1999 and they are considered one of the first Internet radio stations to broadcast. Managing 12 DJs as well as hosting the Gospel Show that airs on Sundays 6 till 9 PM on the West Coast and from 9 PM to 12 AM on the East Coast and a music show playing old school hip-hop and R&B dating back from the 1960s Monday nights from 10 PM till 12 AM on the East Coast and 7 PM till 9 PM on the West Coast. You can listen to great music artists like Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and even a little Chi-Lites. To tune into any of the stations log onto their website
    and select Listen Live and that link will take you right to the shows.
  • “There’s so much music out there that try to keep my shows very fresh. I have to change it up sometimes, I’ll have all lady show where all play nothing but music from the ladies on the same with male artists”.
  • FONYE radio also has a platform for indie artists. Within the FONYE station network there are three different stations. The regular radio show. Streetwire, which is geared more towards the underground music artists and for those that want to express themselves with explicit content. Then there’s the dance radio, where you have club music, house music and danceable music that plays all day every day.
    Coming down the pipe in the near future for Leo Brown is his own Gospel Station which will will include sermons by various Ministers and
  • Pastors that will focus on business, wellness, and relationships and marriage as well as some great gospel music. The station will be called Beacon Of Light Radio and is scheduled to begin before the End of 2017.
    Leo’s music career goes beyond just being a DJ. He has experience in promoting, marketing, management and consulting artists with their careers. He also does music mixers and conferences to ensure that managers and artists alike are informed and educated on the industry.


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