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Phone:(951) ? 227 ? 8905
Email: bassmandb24@Gmail.com

Duane Brown is a Bay Area Cat, you can tell. He’s very laid back and relaxed. Born and raised in Richmond California, at 57 he’s a father and grandfather. And spends a lot of time with his grandson that he lovingly calls “Pops”. He’s an avid fisherman and you can be sure to catch him in a boat or on the shore early in the mornings when the fishing is good.

He begin playing the bass when he was nine years old. His dad bought him a drum set for Christmas one year and his brother a guitar but Duane always played his brothers’ guitar and his brother played the drum set. So they did a switch. By the age 13, he moved to a different part of town only to learn that there were really no bass players, so he turned his guitar into a bass and kept on playing.
After a 30 year hiatus from playing the bass, he began playing again in 2006. The transition wasn’t easy back into playing, and he recalls often getting teased by his daughter that he didn’t play very well. “My daughter laughed at me so hard, and told me to take the equipment back.”, Duane said laughing. He continued to practice and got his groove back and before long his determination paid off and he was playing the bass again as if he had never put it down. His biggest accomplishment to date is just being able to play again. “I thought I would never play again, I never had intentions on playing again due to my injury, but I saw a bass and an amp in a pawnshop and decided to buy it”.

Duane has had a considerable amount of exposure from the beginning. He traveled throughout the world with “Teeze”, a Bay Area band back in the 70s. He traveled and performed on a four month tour in Japan along with Bonnie Boyer (who later played keyboards with Prince), Vincent Lars, Alan Webb, and Mark Daniels under Lewis Grey Productions out of Hollywood. During their tenure with Lewis Grey, they performed at popular venues ; The Cow Palace and The Coliseum in the Bay Area and opened for famous groups, such as Cameo, The Bar Kays, Con Funk Shun, and LTD. He’s had the opportunity to play with some great musicians in his career.
Since 2009 Duane has found his place playing alongside Sacramento local artists and friends Jahari Sai, and the Jahari Sai Quartet, a quartet with a unique Bossa Nova flavor. Carla Lawrence and the Funk Crew, Bob Jones and The Chosen Few currently getting people up and dancing at JB’s lounge every Sunday. He’s open to playing any genre of music except for Punk music, he is also currently available for hire. He plays for the love of the music, not so much for the money, “Being a musician can be a hard life, we take the little money that we make because we love making the music”, he says.
As a bass player, Duane knows where the rhythm transmits to the beat. He lays down the groove, that bass line where he’s the pulse of the band. It’s always interesting to watch the bass players. Just like Duane, always cool as a cucumber.

Here’s where you can catch Duane:
Every Sunday at JB’s Lounge
9777 Lincoln Village Drive Rancho Cordova
with Bob Jones and The Chosen Few???????????????????????

Every First and Third Friday at Off-Broadway Blues Caf?,
35th and Broadway with Bob Jones and The Chosen Few.

Jahari Sai Quartet – Various times and Events

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  1. Nice Write up for Duane Brown. He is definitely an outstanding Bass Player.

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