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  • He’s a Rising Star! Intermingling among the ranks of LadyJaz, Tey Yaniis, Alex Eventmaster & Tisha Daniels and Kevin Trapps in the short time he’s been in California. He’s young, he’s fresh, he is new sound with old-school skills.
  • Joshua a.k.a. GloryBoy Josh born and raised in St. Louis Missouri and has only been a resident of Sacramento since early 2017 and

and has already immersed himself into the local music scene. Sacramento and Bay Area artists have received him with open arms to guide and help polish his skills. Even though he’s been singing since he was seven years old, actually pushing for a music career is all new. “For me to actually start putting my music into motion, this is new for me”, said Joshua. His already touched the stage at the Guild theater receiving an award and had the opportunity to attend the Northern California Entertainers Music Awards 2017. Received the rising Star 2017 Award at the Liaison Lounge. Among the local artists this summer that are flourishing Glory Boy Josh is definitely one of them.

At an early age growing up, his mother was more than proud that he was a singer. He was often asked to sing in the church choir and school choir. He won his first talent show while in high school and is a recent 2017 High School Graduate. He’s only 19 years old, very polite, well mannered, and focused, he has all the characteristics for the music industry. Joshua has a twin sister along with four other siblings and is the only singer of the six. Not only has his mother has been his biggest supporter from day one, she is his manager as well. “One thing I really love about him is that he’s a self promoter. He doesn’t really wait for anyone to promote him he’ll do it first. And it tells me that he first believes in himself.

  • And when you believe in yourself and help others, people will believe in you”, stated his mother Kisha Jones. “He has gone through his fair amount of struggles at his age already and he has a story to tell.” She encourages him to share his message and to know that it’s okay to have your struggles and make it through.
    Reaching out to his generation, Glory Boy’s expectation is that through his music, his peers can get a different view, a more positive view. “I want to be able to give them something to look up for.”

He’s enjoying living in Sacramento and feels quite comfortable in the community. He quickly become a fan of Rashaad Carlton, (the New Prince of Soul), “Our music and singing styles are similar. My music style is Gospel, R&B, and Soul,” said Glory Boy
He’s passionate in his music as it relates to his writing is about compassion for one another, relationship building, and trials and tribulations.
Sacramento can look forward to hearing great sounds of music from this up and coming artist. He’s a “stay on top” kinda artist.




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