Graciano's Old Sac 10.21.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 90%

Liz and I were think about what we wanted to do this week. We had the urge to seek out some new entertainment or some new artist or style of music we hadn’t hear or seen before. Well Liz call and wanted to go and see Damani Rhodes at Gracianos. The flyer looked interesting enough so I agreed to go and decided we could also have dinner since we were going to be there.

What a treat! The music was great. This young Cat, Damani Rhodes, keyboards played some Hip Hop with a Jazz feel along with some Fusion mixed in. His bass Brandon Kendricks and drummer (EDITIEDITEDIT) made it all blend together. It was a nice to beat that accompanied dinner. I had the Spinach Alfredo, it was excellent! Liz dined on the Chicken Parmesan.

This is one of the best places to dine if you like Italian food in Old Sac. We ate until we could take no more.

I had the opportunity to meet local Poetry and Singing artist Mouthpiece for the first time. She was very gracious and out on the town with her crew to support her friend Damani.
There was a beautiful night out on the patio tonight. The vibe was groov’n. Everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves listening to some good music and eating some great food.
We will definitely be coming back to groove with Damani and his Trio and for the delicious food!

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