Iris Joy – Liaison Lounge – 11.6.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 90%

It’s a cold fall night tonight but Liz and I were determined to go and see Mz Iris Joy. A gentle soul she is and an awesome performer. We only had the chance previously to hear her sing at JB’s Lounge for their jam session one Sunday afternoon and I was impressed. When you look at her, this tiny little frame you can’t believe all that sound comes from her. She’s beautiful and talented and well worth her weight in sound. There were a lot of family and friends that came out to support tonight and the place is full. Everyone was in good spirits sending out great vibes and I’m sure that’s what made the night a success! Iris is accompanied by the Soul Legacy band, Dennis Austin on keys, Starchild on guitar and EDIT HERE on the drums and they were jamming. Keeping the pace with Iris Joy, Dennis was killing the keys and Startchild did a solo that was so sweet! Iris Joy started the night with a jazzy groove that had us rocking in our seats.

Yeah she had us head bobbing and toe tapping and grooving right along with her. Total entertainment at it’s best!
Iris belted out some new songs that we hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing yet and she did an awesome job on each set. The Soul Legacy family was definitely in the house to help support one of their own. Nina Burside (CEO Soul Legacy),stopped in after leaving Yoshi’s in Oakland attending Monton’s concert.
Lady Jazz was the host for the night and if you haven’t seen this lady, just know that she can tickle your funny bone in a real way.
During the show Iris invited a few great singers to join her on the stage for duets. They included the New Prince of Soul Rashaad Calton, with a singing range that hard to believe for such a young man, Lady-G sounding like Chaka, and Taneshia Jackson hitting notes that only Angels can hear. That’s when the party really got started. Wow, Rashaad and Iris sang a duet that blew me away.

As we mingled around the club during the break, we ran into a few familiar faces and some good friends in the industry. The place is small so everyone is cozy and comfortable, you can’t help but see everyone in the room. Drummers, bass players, keyboards players, everyone in the Soul Legacy camp was out tonight, not to mention the ones that came out for just pure entertainment and they got it!
Kenneth Hall (TEK Entertainment), was in the building giving UB Media big hugs and information on Rashaad’s next concert. We chatted with Robert Scott (drummer) for a few. Robert fills in for Ronald Matthews every now and again over at Monty’s Lounge. You can feel the love and support for Iris Joy tonight everyone was having a good time and she humbly thanked everyone for coming out.
Thank you Iris Joy for inviting UB Media. We love you! It was a great show!

Look who we ran into!

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