Iris Joy – Songstress

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Facebook: Iris Joy
Instagram: Iris Joy 76
Phone Number: 916- 470-1828

This lady is a sensation. She has a big heart and an open soul, .
Ladies and gentlemen ? Mz. Iris Joy

She grew up in a local church in Sacramento and began singing at the age of three years old, she participated in many choirs and by the age of 12 she was singing solos. “At that time, people began to speak life into me. Encouraging me to be more bold, and to stand out for myself”. She must admit she was a little shy back then and still a little shy now. One would never be able to tell that this soulful songstress could’ve ever been shy once you see her on the stage. She allowed her talents to blossom while singing in high school and participating in competitions and talent shows over the years but she never took it any further as she became a wife and a mother at an early age. Iris was married for 13 years and the mother of five sons ranging from ages 9 to 20. She put music away to focus on her family, later on through the years her experience turned into music and that music became her first album, recorded at the age of 25.

Not knowing where her music would take her, or what she was growing into, she became a karaoke junkie. She karaoke hopped all over Sacramento. “I knew all the karaoke spots on any given day”, Iris said jokingly. Iris met a lot of the local artists that she now graces the stage during those karaoke years. Karaoke for Iris, gave her a sense of boldness and confidence with her singing and she grew into herself and became a performer.

She loves performing with her co-artists here in Sacramento and genuinely would like to see unity among the locals. She loves sharing the stage with her best friend Tanice J (a great songstress in her own right), who she met at karaoke in the early 2000’s along with Rashaad Carlton, The New Prince Of Soul at any time. “I’ve shared the stage with so many great locals, it’s too many to keep up with”.

Iris Joy is community. She is a huge advocate for education, even putting on benefits for college students at the Liaison Lounge throughout the year as her way of giving back. Her dreams and aspirations are always bigger than her reality but always puts forth her best to make sure she’s able to support students who want to attend college. Iris participates throughout the year to support the organization Crazy Sac Ladies by donation of funds and school supplies. “I believe I’m called to give, everything that I am, including the gift that God gave me to sing. What good am I if I can’t bring glory to God by doing what he’s called me to do?”

Iris has begun venturing out doing her own thing, and wants to play by her own rules singing laid back R&B soul. She loves her old school and loves to perform the feelings captured in those songs. That is what she wants to give to her audience. “The songs that I choose to sing, are about how I’m feeling that others might need to hear, when I sing certain songs they have meaning to me, maybe not for me, but thinking about what someone else may need at any given moment”. Her songs are always uplifting, nothing ever negative.
Love has been kind to Iris. She is in love and with one of the most amazing and talented men around, Dennis Austin. “He’s been my strength and my stronghold, I’ve gone through a lot. He has reminded me what a man is supposed to look like, and what a man is supposed to be in a woman’s life and he’s been great to have in my life”.

As lovely as Iris Joy is, and as gracious as she is, what most people find most surprising about her is her age. Just turning 40 this year, you would never believe that she was the mother of five boys, and having so much musical experience behind her already. She looks very young for her age and admits she gets that a lot.

You never want to miss an opportunity to see her perform. You may find her “holding it down” in the background on stage with her friend Tanice J or doing a solo benefit concert for those that are in need. She isn’t common, she’s outstanding and obviously can hold her own. Her overall sound has a laid back vibe and it’s definitely impressive. We all can look forward to her upcoming shows this fall 2016.

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