It’s All Good Catering – Teri Hicks – Founder

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Single mother, retired, grandmother, caterer, and an awesome lady. Sweet as the treats she prepares and she makes a “mean” bowl of grits and shrimp. Teri Hicks is the owner of It’s All Good Catering. You can tell when you meet her that she’s warm and authentic. A Los Angeles native, Teri had a very close relationship with her grandparents on her mother’s side of the family and grew up both at home and at her grandparents home. She grew up in an environment where there was love and food.
Grandmother’s kitchen was the focal point of countless family gatherings, card games with friends and cooking! She started cooking in her grandmother’s kitchen at the age of 10 and grandma cooked from scratch. There were no measuring cups or measuring spoons, everything is prepared by love. “This is something special. You’re learning something that everybody doesn’t know. This is family, this is family love. This is what you do to show your love. Creating in the kitchen, building in the kitchen then putting it all together and putting all this love into your food. If you love what you do and you love your family, your food is always going to be good.” Teri says reminiscing about her grandmother with a warm smile on her face.

Never imagining that she would get paid to cook, cooking became a blessing when building a business after retirement. With the assistance of her daughter, her father, other family and friends, business has been a success to say the least. It’s All Good Catering is California State Certified and has catered events such as the California Capital Open House and the Sacramento Area Black Caucus Anniversary. They also cater office parties, private parties, fund raisers and provide Personal Chef Services, intimate gatherings and more.
It’s All Good Catering has added vegan items to their menu, like black bean patties and honey whole-wheat cornbread as well as working on new pasta recipes. Always testing and creating new dishes for an experience for your taste buds to enjoy. Teri’s salad dressings are unique in flavor and made from hardy but healthy ingredients. Only fresh fruits and vegetables are used in preparation of meals along with fresh herbs and spices blended special. She’s very conscious of food allergies and on top of her game when it comes to food as a healer and preventative foods as a better lifestyle.
During the interview Teri brings out 2 large jars from the fridge of dressings and a couple of spoons to give us a taste. The first, a salmon sauce dressing. Very interesting and with a undercover kick to it and rich in flavor! It was great! Then the second one made from cashews. Sweet and tangy! She shuffles back to the kitchen only this time she’s pulling out containers of spices. We were educated on the do’s and don’ts of their uses as she packed us some samples to take home and we got homemade peanut butter cookies! Did I mention she served us up some grits and shrimp? My first time trying this dish and it is delicious!
Teri is currently working on a cookbook and has Christian Cooking segments on YouTube (Teri’s Home style Cooking). Teri admits she is not a trained cook. She is a home skilled cook . She doesn’t claim to be a Chef, she’s a cook with a catering business. “We have a family owned business, we have fun. It’s about the quality of our food and we love to serve others. You’re going to get home cooking, it’s going to look pretty and it’s going to taste good”! She loves the kitchen. It loves her back!



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