JB’s Lounge – 11.22.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 97%

Once again Liz and I made our way to JB’s Lounge. We always have such a good time. The people are always friendly and the staff is great! Bob Jones and the Chosen Few are always entertaining. Nina Burnside CEO of Soul Legacy ENT. was in the house. Always good to see my girl. Everyone’s eating, drinking, visiting, dancing, and just have a ball! With Saundra, Valarie, Marshey, Bobbie and Shannon there, I knew we were in good company! Jose Hernandez was playing the sax tonight and that added a little more flavor to the music. Lare Garcia sat in on the guitar tonight and what a treat it was. So as I push through the crowd I can hear some the people singing along with the band. Lady G was in the building tonight and sang a couple of songs for us. The vibe was definitely there. Well it was another great Sunday at JB’s. Check them out any night of the week. They always have something great going on!
Tootie Keith-UB Media
Staff Writer

Look who we ran into!


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