Joe Leavy

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PH: (916) 773-5636

at the Fire Rock Grill ~ April 2015

Mr. Joe Leavy is a 53-year-old father of 3, grandfather of 1, and has been married 22 years to the same woman, and absolutely in love with Life, God, Music. Music to Joe is about life and living. Having lived a few years, he has some stories to tell.
He’s a singer, producer and song writer. This is the Joe Leavy Experience

“Love is a fading commodity in our community. Everything that’s being thrown at us teaches us to despise who we are. Despise our women, despise our brothers and sisters. And I’m trying to remind people what our essence is. We are God’s chosen people. In this country we don’t even know what our history is. We don’t know anything about who we are, why we are, or how we were created”.

Joe’s goal is to create music that highlights the beauty of who we are. His music is always about family, faith and love. He writes songs about his life, about his children and being a father, being a husband and also failing as a husband. He sings about things that are going on in daily life. That’s what draws people to the music, his experiences. We all have similar experiences and can relate to his music.
Joe had this to say, “We’ve got to start learning to love ourselves, as black people. We have to recognize who we are, what we are, and why we are. We need each other. We have our own community here in Sacramento, and it would be great if we all supported each other. That’s an important thing”.
Mr. Joe Leavy @ Fire Rock Grill

In his earlier music travels, Joe lived and played music in Japan for 10 years. Encouraged by his cousin to come and visit for the summer, Joe discovered he could play music seven days a week there and get paid. Everything he touched was blessed and it changed his life. There he met his wife Masami and had his children. “God gave me favor and it was unbelievable. I listened and obeyed the Lord and I feel like he really blessed me beyond my wildest imagination”. Joe Leavy & Wife Masami When he met his wife Masami, she couldn’t speak English, and he couldn’t speak Japanese but they always had fun together. It took them two years to learn to communicate with each other. They learned how to love each other and care for one another despite their language barrier, and they have been married 22 years.

In 2011, Joe was online and came across Jay King’s radio show. He sent him a song he had written, “I Heart You”. Jay King like it so much that he asked if he had any more music. Since then he has worked with Jay King over the years and he has contributed to Joe’s path in the music industry. Jay encouraged Joe to continue his music venture and introduced him to Joe Archie and Derek D.O.A. Allen.
His first CD, A Guy Named Joe Leavy, was surprisingly well received. It became Soul Tracks’ Album Of The year selection. “It was a surprise, because you know you compete against everybody in music. It is worldwide”.
After his award, he had the opportunity to tour London, Manchester, Luton, and 3 other cities in England. He returned to the United States and began his tour in Sacramento at the Fire Rock Grill. With 2 sold out shows under his belt, they moved on to San Diego where they performed at Humphrey’s By The Bay, and The House Of Blues in Los Angeles. Unfortunately due to medical issues within the family in 2015, he decided to take a year off to concentrate on his son and his wife.

But now he’s back with a new CD and he’s very excited. “D?j? Vu” recorded by Dionne Warwick will be the first single released on the new CD. What he loves about his band is that they are young people and a few older seasoned Cats. His drummer, Kid Frost is 17 and the youngest of the group. Ivan Johnson, a phenomenal musician and O’dell Ross who is super well known throughout the city and the music industry. Cameron Mitchell on keyboards, Jared McGee on bass with Derek “D. O. A.” Allen as his producer. “I’m really happy and excited to be working with this band and Derek Allen, he’s like the Godfather of this band”.

His up-and-coming tour, scheduled for summer 2016, “Love Faith and Family” will be adding some gospel sound in the mix. This show will be unlike any other show he’s done before. Not only will they have his music, but Ivan’s version of gospel, which is unbelievably great. He takes original R&B songs and turns them into gospel delights. There will be a tribute section, which he will pay homage to some of the Greats; Natalie Cole, Maurice White of Earth Wind and Fire and some classic stuff that will really delight the grown folks. “We do grown folks music. It’s a family friendly show and children are welcome. We don’t cuss and we don’t do misogynistic music. We glorify and respect women so if you’re looking for anything outside of that you won’t be coming to a Joe Leavy show”. Although the concert tour is scheduled for summer 2016, Joe was in no hurry. He’s taking his time to put this show together the proper way, the Joe Leavy way. He has a committed group of musicians. A group of musicians that sees Joe’s vision. They have come in and offered their time to make Joe’s vision come true and for that he’s thankful. “They believe in it, they understand that there will be travel involved in their ready to go”.

Joe also has a project coming up with the Brookins family in 2016 as well. Creating a Legacy CD of all Robert Brookins’ music. There will be phenomenal artists local and beyond in the music industry that will participate in the making of this CD. Rashaad Carlton, Jimi Morris, Club Nouveau, Karen White, and Howard Hewitt just to name a few. Joe will be singing “Come To Me” written by Robert Brookins. Joe is honored to participate for the Brookins family and to be able to work alongside his fellow artists.

“There is a loving community here in Sacramento among the musicians and I’ve been welcomed into it”.

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