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Kenneth was born in Shreveport, the third largest city in Louisiana. His family relocated to California when he very young and considers Sacramento his home. Kenneth is smooth and an easy-going guy and knows that through the power of music people can grow together, and if you listen to music the way it makes you feel can make you a better person. He is open hearted, humorous, and fun-loving. He yields from a talented family, his brother Michael Bolds, Sr. is a creative dancer with SAAR Soul Line Dance Family. Kenneth began his musical adventure when an uncle that had an old guitar that sat in the corner and had three strings on it. Every time he went to visit his uncle he would pick up that old guitar, and each time that old guitar would become more of a part of him. He was eight at the time and realized what he wanted to do and from that time on he has been nonstop. His family got him a drum set for Christmas but what he actually wanted was a guitar. A close friend got a guitar for Christmas and he wanted a drum set so they exchanged gifts.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section]

Kenneth is an multi-instrumentalist, he plays the guitar, bass, piano and percussions. During his musical career he has performed with some big names artists, Rolls-Royce and ConFunk Shun, and he is currently the bass player for local group Serious Licks (Ronald Matthews, Armann Robb, and Kelly “Stixx” Purdy) he also performs at surrounding Casinos with Nate Owens. Not only is he a very talented and accomplished bass player, Kenneth has no problem crossing over to different genres and embraces the challenge. He never wants to limit himself on learning or participating with other artists. “There is no discretion in music”, explains Kenneth. He’s currently working on projects that include Country, Jazz and even Brazilian music, though jazz is what he prefers to play the most. He gives homage to some of the local artists, Jimi Morris (Mercy Me Band), Bob Jones, Duane Brown, and Saxual Chocolate with Shawn Raiford for their great music and their contributions to local entertainment. He has performed or collaborated with each of these artists during his career. While performing, Kenneth conveys to his audience the unity of the group. “I want my audience to be able to look on that stage and see a group of guys as well as myself who are actually performing at maximum level. This is a business and either you are about it or without it”.

“The Glove”
The sudden intimacy between his glove and his bass is hard to miss once he begins to play. At some stage of his performance you can catch Kenneth wearing his signature glove which has become a conversational piece once he leaves the stage. Although most think that he has injured his hand, he actually wears it to protect his instrument. “The moisture from your hands will deteriorate your strings. The gloves don’t sweat. Playing with the glove on is like playing on thin air”. He tries not to play with gloves all the time and doesn’t want to get too comfortable with it. The bass is not meant to be played with gloves and he wants to make sure that he initiates playing his instrument the normal way that it should be played. His signature glove comes in an array of colors, from white to black, red, and blue depending on his style for the performance, and only Kenneth Bolds can pull that off.

He is a beast when it comes to performing. He’s funky and original and can slap the bass with the best of them. He has mastered the art of playing in the pocket and stepping out doing a solo.
2016 marks a new year for Kenneth. He’s venturing into projects this year that will be a mix of fusion, and a lot of melodic lines with a mixture of jazz and funk.
On a more personal note, he credits his girlfriend Diane for “being the best”. She is his pulse. He appreciates her support and kindness and understanding while he is on this venture in music. He loves to cook and can appreciate the kitchen. One of his favorite “instruments” in the kitchen is the slow cooker. With a nonstop schedule and revitalizing his lineup, he boasts about being able to prepare a dish, place at all in a slow cooker, come home and it’s done.
He attended the Music Institute in Hollywood in 2004, where he met who he calls “his better half”, Armann Robb. Robb a musician in his own right, is a lead guitar player and they have performed together at several venues in different bands.
Kenneth strongly suggests that all artists take the time and study music. “It helps tremendously, it’s like two people going in the same direction but one having a map to get there but the other person doesn’t. Quite naturally the person with the map is going to get there first. If you study music it will make your journey a lot more easier. You’ll be able to talk the language as well as play and perform”.
He is currently playing with Serious Licks at Monty’s lounge in Rancho Cordova and you can also catch him at various casinos in the surrounding areas with Nathan Owens and his band.

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