Kumandae Concert 10.9.15

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We Enjoyed it this much! 90%

All the “Heavy Hitters”!

Kumandae lined it up last night at Double Nickle Smokehouse for his birthday/listening party!
His first concert was very “Black & White” (attire), classy and sexy. Entertaining us with some of his tunes from his up and coming 2016 CD release. He’s humble, approachable and overall charming. Kumandae stopped by our UB Media table to meet and greet us in the only way he can – SEXY!
Kumandae - Stage Ready!

Yeah all the ladies were loving on him as he handed out roses and the like while he engaged with his audience! You can best believe UB Media will be uploading his CD upon release.
And the place was full of SacTown celebs! Singers, promoters, instrumental artist and SacTown icons. Nina Burnside, Soul Legacy, Kenneth Hall, TEG Entertainment, Josh Shockley, 25&UP Ent., Iris Joy, Rashaad, Big Mike Hart and Classic Chris just to name a few! All out to support local artist Kumandae. The band and the entertainers for the night were on point with this show! Good job Kumandae…….looking forward to your CD release and the next episode!
– Tootie Keith, UB Media Staff

Contact & Booking Information:
FACEBOOK: Kumandae Miller
TWITTER: TheRealkumandae

Look who we ran into…..

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