Midnight Players – 9.13.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 85%

Liz and I had an awesome time this weekend and Babcock school park in the Arden area for the midnight players community gathering. The event was sponsored by Vice Mayor Allen Warren and provided free hot dogs chips soda and great entertainment for the neighborhood. The Midnight Players love the children that came out and encourage them to stay in school. Melissa Corona and Adam Aldama (lead singers) entertained the crowd with their RnB grooves and had us dancing in the grass. Some brought their own mats to sub as the dance floor so they would be able to get there dance on without missing a beat. Everyone seemed to be enjoying them selves. Melissa and Adam and the rest of the band sounded real good. People from all over the neighborhood came together for the good music. Vendors gave away important information on Health Care and community resources. The band even took out sometime for UB Media to take some pics and visit during the break. It’s important, I think, to have the local artist in the neighborhoods providing entertainment and local info to the communities. Thank you Midnight Players for all you do in the community, and to Allen Warren for bring events into the neighborhood. This year so far I’ve been to The Whispers concert, where Rashaad Carlton performed and hosted by Neketia Henry, put on by his office for this area. So he made sure 2015 summer was filled with music in the parks for all to enjoy.

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