Monty’s Lounge 3 yr Anniversary – 9.26 & 9.27.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 95%

All Masked Out and Lovin it!

Celebration with Monty Gibson is easy! We love this guy and we love his venue. Reminds me a place back east I used to frequent back in the day with the red walls and red velvet curtains! lol Brings back some good memories.
So Monty is celebrating 3 years as a club owner in the Rancho Cordova area. Everyone was in the spirit wearing masks for the Masquerade party this year and looking lovely I might add. It was a night of good fun and some marvelous people. Doretta decked the place out with extreme masquerade masks and beautiful table decor. The food was excellent tonight as well as we feasted on Enchilada plates with rice and beans and cake for dessert. The cook didn’t hold any punches on the portions either.
After all that good eat’n, we all hit the dance floor with a couple of line dances and partied like it was 1999! lol This was only the first night of the celebration.
Night two, Serious Licks helped kick the celebration off with the sounds of Funk, R&B and some smooth jazz. but we got our dancing in after a fantastic appetizer spread provided by Doreeta from I Got This Production.
Drinks flowed, we danced, we ate and UB Media was glad to apart of Monty’s celebration.
Love you Monty!!!! See ya Sunday!

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