Monty’s Lounge – HALLOWEEN 10.31.15

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Halloween all the ghosts are out! Doretta’s Birthday party at Monty’s, all the freaks are out! It was a FUN FUN night. I loved seeing all my friends dressed up! It was great! We helped Doretta celebrate her birthday and man oh man did she have it going on. When you walked into Monty’s the decor was out of an elegant scary movie. All the tables had Halloween themed centerpieces on them all lit up and spooky. The head table looked like it was decorated by Count Dracula’s wife. Black candelabras with red candles illuminated and flickering. The walls were covered with thick spider webbing and giant spiders, bugs and just critters as DJ Leo Green was playing that old old school. Everybody was in the spirit of Halloween. Liz was a Sexy Cheetah and I was a Man. A fast talking, slick kinda brother in a suit! The floor was packed and everyone was having fun. We came into the front bar where Monty was at and I greeting him like I was a man and he was completely fooled for a few minutes! Then he saw Liz and knew it had to be me. lol We had a big laugh on that one! It was a very good vibe going on up in there too. DJ Green had the dance floor packed playing tunes by Marvin Cease and Frankie Beverly and some old school music that was before my time and the people were still groov’n! Doretta was dressed as Dracula’s wife with the half white / black face in a long gothic gown. Bobby Keys was a Cheetah, Pancho was Frankenstein and Sir Charles a pirate. Boy it was hilarious.
Doretta had a spread too! The food was delicious. All finger food and fruit and it hit the spot. You have to go through the pictures to see the costumes. Way to much to try to describe or explain. Have fun guessing who was who! Enjoy!
-Tootie Keith
UB Media Staff

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