Pin's 'N Strikes – Red Dress Party 9.19.15

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It’s Classic ENT had a Red Dress Party at Double Nickle so we met up with our girl Samoria, all dressed in red dresses ready for a good time. After all, this is another leg of Liz’s birthday celebration for the month!
The place wasn’t very full when we arrived. So we had the chance to capture some pics of DJ Mel and meet up with Sir Charles. DJ Mel greeted us with open arms while you can hear the music blasting over the speakers. It’s party time! After our chat with Mel, the people started coming in and socializing. Before long the club was pretty full and everyone was having a good time. Sharp tonight wearing their red outfits, DJ Mel had ’em on the floor playing non stop R&B! Melvin arrived a short time later with some family. We even ran into Classic Chris, dressed in white? No live music tonight. But the DJ was awesome!

Look Who We Ran Into!

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