Pin’s ‘N Strikes – Solsa The Band 9.18.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 90%

Nice warm night out tonight and Liz and I decided we would go and see Solsa tonight at Strikes. I hadn’t seen this band since the summer and I was ready for another dose. We ran into Joe Garcia at the door and he was gracious enough to give UB Media a couple of pics and we quickly got our seats before the show started. Strikes is nice tonight. Good crowd just waiting for the music to get started and boy did it!
Brandi Solsa coming to the stage giving you all her talent and the band backs her up without a flaw! This band is HOT HOT HOT! They can get a crowd going and they never want to stop…..soon as the music started the dance floor was full. Everybody is partying to their famous Latin sound as well as some good ‘ol R&B. They stay busy performing through out the year. UB Media has spotted them at the Double Nickle, Graciano’s as well as park events and they never disappoint! Check them out whenever and where ever you can. You’ll enjoy!

Look Who We Ran Into!

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