Ronald Matthews – The Brick House 10.30.15

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We enjoyed it this much! 90%

Liz and I ventured out to see Ronald Matthews at a new spot we heard of in Elk Grove called The Brick House.For those of you that haven’t been there yet, it seems as if it’s in the old Elk Grove on Elk Grove Blvd. The place is quaint. They have an outside patio right in front and when you walk in the atmosphere is accommodating. I look to my left and Ron is already on stage doing his thang.
We find us a seat near the fireplace as Ron greets us on the mic. Mind you it’s Halloween weekend so the place is decorated with all kinds of spooky stuff. We ran into Marshay and reintroduced ourselves and got chatty. We hadn’t seen her since we ran into her and Saundra Weston at the Elks Lodge. Ron was exceptional as usual and that pulled a few folks to the dance floor. The were groov’n too! Liz and I order pasta, it was pretty good. We both got Chicken Alfredo but Liz had Clam Chowder and salad with hers. The helpings were plentiful and we had doggie bags to take home.
We did a little line dancing and Marshay joined in not even knowing the dance. But she was a quick learner. Soon enough one of the ladies that was there joined in, then her friend and we got busy! lol Ron was really entertaining us by then playing Skin Tight and a few other favorites. During one of his breaks, Ron took pics and got on the dance floor with us!
What was nice is that we didn’t have to stand in line and do a large crowd. It was refreshing for us since we are out all the time. Marshay was great great company. She is definitely a lady that likes to have fun.
We sat back for awhile, had our drinks and listened to Ron play a little smooth jazz on the keys and flute. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the music as well.
As the night got later the mood became very relaxed as everyone had eaten, listened to some good music and visited with friends. Soon the show was ending and it was time to go home. We visited with Ron for a few minutes, exchanged info with Marshay and we were on our way. The location was convenient and easy to get to. I will be going again. Good entertainment, good food and great company!
Thanks Ron! It s great night!
-Tootie Keith
UB Media Staff

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