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African American women are taking the lead in the music industry. Not only are they great artists but powerful in the front seat as CEOs! Nina Burnside proves that. She has made Sacramento take notice as a result of promoting & developing some of the most talented artists in the area since 2012.
Nina Burnside is the founder and CEO of Soul Legacy Entertainment.

A entertainment company, a record label, and a rehearsal studio where live bands come from all over the area and rehearse. Aside from that she also manages bands, promote concerts and shows in and around Sacramento. Her artists include Iris Joy, Kingdom, Robert Scott, Jr. and Mike Rowden are currently on Soul Legacy’s roster in addition to Ms. Lovely, just to name a few. Soul Legacy managed and generated a buzz for Shawn Raiford and Saxual Chocolate. They have elevated in their music and currently working on various projects. Rashaad Carlton, (TEG Ent. artist) has reached boundless heights due in part to Nina and Soul Legacy’s development and guidance early in his career. Nina also hosts the Faces of Success radio online. Scheduled for Wednesdays 5pm to 9pm with Lady Pearl.

Nina is a mother and a role model for her two sons, Jamar and Jaivan ages 23 and 16. They are musically inclined and following in their mothers footsteps when it comes to sharing their talents.
UB Media: As a single mom I am sure you have been a great influence for them and even in the music industry.
Nina: I just feel so blessed I have never had problems with them doing drugs or jail. No pants sagging unless they lost their belt. No alcohol. They were never into that kind of trouble, so it made raising them easy once when I became a single parent. Just the struggle as a single parent is the only thing I have had trouble with providing but as far as their character and personality, no trouble at all.
Yes, my son is a rapper. He is a conscious rapper. He raps about things that make a difference in this world. A lot of times when he is out there doing shows and when he is finished he has people coming up to him to talk about what he has “spit” or flowing. He has a real nice one called Proverbs 31. My youngest son is into beats.

UB Media: Here in Sacramento, how important is it to you for local artist to come together?
Nina: That is really important. That is one of the things that I saw that is really lacking here in Sacramento. In the music scene a lot of the artist are “clicked” up and I want to see the gap bridged. It is very important that they all come together as one and unify. There is so much great talent in Sacramento and if they all come together, Sacramento could be the center of a huge movement in regards to the music.
UB Media: Do you have any projects or any interest regarding your artists in anything going on downtown once that new arena gets built?
Nina: My intentions is for Soul Legacy to be one of the “go to” companies when there are concerts there at the arena downtown. I want us to be one the companies that they have on top of the list to call to provide entertainment. I think that is a huge move for us.
Beside working with local and celebrity artists, she works diligently on her Multi-cultural events annually at local parks to help the community bond together and give the resources to help heal the community. “In doing the music, I use it as a vehicle to give back to the community to help someone. Every time we give a show there are cash amounts, clothes and other things donated out of every show we do.” she stated.
UB Media: With your companies and artists, what message do you hope to portray to your audience?
Nina: Love and the unity. Bring some awareness and consciousness, happiness, peace and joy. It is very important to me that is portrayed through the music.
Soul Legacy is in the works developing Legacy Academy. They’re currently enrolling young students and adults. The Academy curriculum will focus on engineering, guitar, piano and other musical interests. Uplifting, encouraging and a life coaching atmosphere will teach students how to get through some difficult or tragic times. The academy’s curriculum will include a course pertaining to entrepreneurship as well. “You do not have to be just a worker but you can be a boss.” said Nina.
UB Media: Tell us one thing about you your audience and fans would find surprising.
Nina: What they do not know is I came from a very rough life. What they see is that smile, that joy and a lot of people would see that bright life. But it was a lot of struggle to even get to that point.


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