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Jerol Brown had been toying in and out of the liquor industry since his college days working at various facilities and venues. In 2013 he left Cheers on Franklin Blvd. and he considered himself retired. He has 5 children and he’s the grandfather of 12.
That was six years before starting this venture, JB’s Lounge. At that time Boston owned the venue and called Jerol and talked him into considering letting him buy the lounge. That is how he got back into the business. “At this stage of my life it is ok”. Jerol stated leaning back in his chair.

He’s so humble and almost inconspicuous on Sunday afternoons sitting at the corner of the bar. His staff is above reproach when it comes to service. Bartenders Pam Jacko and Jennifer Hempstead keep the bar constantly moving while Chef Dennis Sydnor and Michael Smith serve up delicious soul food plates from the kitchen. Any given Sunday you can get some fried chicken, greens, catfish and many other dishes that give you the flavor of dinner at grandma’s house after church. Not only the food brings you back, but the band as well. Bob Jones and the Chosen Few will entertain you at the Sunday Soul Jam where you’ll be bobbing in your seat or trying to find yourself a tight spot on the dance floor.

Many local artists appreciate JB’s lounge for being a more intimate venue for their events. Large enough to hold a good crowd and small enough for private parties. “They have helped keep it afloat. They have been very generous in their participation and we try to keep it moving”, said Jerol.

Other nights of the week JB’s offers Karaoke Thursdays, Comedy events on Wednesdays , or you can come in and watch game on the wide screen TVs or you can shoot a game of pool. Mondays and Tuesdays are fairly quiet. Friday and Saturday nights, there’s a DJ and those nights are usually reserved for private parties.
UB Media: What’s new for JB’s Lounge for 2016?
JB: I am toying with where it is heading at the present time. I think the Blues does not carry too well. Basically in 2013 we ran some Blues bands through and it was fair participation. We have Bob Jones now on Sundays to see what is happening. Hopefully to get our food and dinner menu together. We are going to concentrate on that for 2016.

Everyone entering into JB’s lounge is bound to have a good time. If you’re looking for good food and great entertainment, stop by JB’s on a Sunday. Play a game of pool or dominoes. Check out the band. At JB’s, they’re friendly, courteous and you can enjoy all the beautiful people!

Tootie Keith
UB Staff Writer




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