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His name is STIXX, and he is a character. He had us laughing from the time he sat down. He?s comical and lighthearted. His story is much like other drummers around the Sacramento area he started in church at the age of 6 playing for the youth choir. He?s been actually hitting drums since he was 3 years old , by the time he was 19 he was playing for 5 churches in the area. From that time he was able to maneuver around with the other musicians in town he began playing for local artists. STIXX is in demand and often get calls to play for weddings, a church function and at venues for local artists. Playing at these different venues and networking, he was able to make a name for himself as an artist.
DRUM COACHESStixx wanted to make sure that we got on record. “Damani called me, not first, but third to play with the trio”, he said jokingly. Damani recruited STIXX for Vadia Rhodes’s CD release concert in 2007, remembering him from a previous gig of a friend. They have been performing together ever since, at that time, Damani was playing bass. He’s a teacher at the Drum Lab school in Sacramento and also teaches an online class with the Damani. (
His name is Mat McClain. He still loves to watch cartoons, a big Looney Tunes fan. Most surprising he says he?s a neat freak. Something his mother instilled in him at an early age. He enjoys cleaning his home, he enjoys cleaning drum kits and it has to be perfect by his standards. The son of a math professor, he was raised to do everything with excellence. A quality he strives to inspire in his students.


  1. Mat McClain.. A serious mentor. I just love his approach to music, God bless ya

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