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A rising local, Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Soul artist from Dallas, Texas. He’s smooth, calm and a gentle man of deep meditation. Growing up in the 90’s, his mother played a lot of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Tony Rich project, Angelo, Miles Davis, and hip hop. He credits his mother for being inspired by that vibe. He comes from a live music background and has combined hip hop with live music. It’s different, but you have to adapt. It’s stimulating, motivating and inspiring. Music that has a message of uplifting and unity and very entertaining. He doesn’t preach his music. He projects his soul to create enjoyable music for a mature crowd. His music has to be about love, peace and prosperity. At the ripe old age of 29, he’s married, has 4 children and enjoys being a family man. Never allowing his spirit to be uncomfortable producing music that would disrespect his wife and children. His purpose for his music and his children, is that when they grow up and listen to his music, to feel what he felt when he was creating the music.

Living a life to create unity, Tey has collaborated with some great artists and producers in and around Sacramento and the Bay Area. His new release, The Soul Jones Collection, produced by Bink Wills and Chris Keyes, is set for Mid-March 2016. Zyah Belle, Mouthpeace, Rashaad Carlton , Shawn Raiford, (Saxophonist) and a few others are comprised in the collection. While developing the project, Bink and Tey reached out to fellow local artists that enjoy good music, brought it together and fellowshipped on one EP. ” When we vibe and groove on the same type of music, we should all be able to come together and enjoy that music”. He takes pleasure in seeing his fellow artists walk in their season and walk in their passion. “Not compromising their creativity but putting everything that’s in their hearts out for the world to embrace. Whether it’s singing, spoken word, or painting, just any type of way that you be creative. But it comes from you, your heart, you’ve been blessed with a certain talent”.

Tey Yaniis has opened for big name artist Eric Roberson and has had many accolades from DJ Francis J out of Dallas Texas (www.neosoulcafe.com). Tey prefers not to open for celebrity artists, but rather to focus on opportunities that showcases his own talents. Putting on the show that HE feels he needs to perform. Captivating his audience so that they will have an experience instead of just a show.
In his spare time to unwind from writing and performing, Tey enjoys old movie classics. Silent films, live stage plays and theater. During his high school years he studied theater and is a big fan of Charlie Chaplin. Played in the orchestras growing up, he played violin and the cello. And played trumpet in jazz bands.
He is currently seeking a management company.

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  4. Tey! Much Love and Continued Success to You!!
    I love your music and Soul!!

    Peace and Blessings to you Always Love!!


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